What’s New on ios 14,ios 14 Release Date


hi everyone aaron here for Astechz andin two weeks we should see the first beta of ios 14.in two weeks ios 14 should be revealed at wwdcwhere it will be a little bit different than previous years where they’llactually have it remote and everyone will be able to tune inlive we believe so we should be able to see that and we’ll see the firstversion of ios 14 and all of the new features so i want to share with you what we know with ios 14 so far as far as what toexpect and the first thing is every other yearand i’ve talked about this in the past it seems likeios is less stable and then it’s more stable and then it’s less stable andmore stable and so ios 14 should be all aboutstability it should be much better but only time will tell also the devicesi expect it to be available on seem to be hinting more and more

ios 14 New Features

that it will still be on the iphone 6s so if you have an iphone 6s or a 6splus or one of the older devices it lookslike it’s still going to be supported and that will be the first time applehas really supported older devices that longbut it seems like a reasonable conclusion and so hopefully we see that now the first thing is features that weexpect and the first thing is a list view now on the apple watch wehave a list view already so if you just click the the digitalcrown here instead of sorting this by kind of thatgrid view they call it you can just press and hold and go tolist view and you have everything sorted alphabeticallywe should see something similar to that with ios 14

if the information is correct and so if i go into photos here i created thisquite some time ago this would give you an idea of what itmight look like where you’d be able to search your app at the topand have everything alphabetically so you could just tap on whatever app youwant i don’t know if there’ll be a quick wayto enter into that or something else but maybe we’ll see that and thenanother thing that some people are saying we might see and others aresaying we might not are widgets on the home screen where wecould resize maybe the weather widget or the weather app to maybe take up foursquares or four app icons and sort of these widgets heresimilar to that maybe we’d be able to have our batteryfor our devices maybe at the top we don’t know if thisis true yet some people are saying to expect it others are saying not toexpect it but we should see something similar tothe control center as far as this goes so maybe we’ll haveresizable icons hopefully we will but we don’t know a hundred percentnow there’s

ios 14 release date:- 22 june 2020

new information about an augmented reality app i’ve talked aboutthis in the past and apparently its code name is gobiand what it would allow us to do is scan qr codes which is kind of weird becausewe can already scan qr codes with the built-in camera app if you have thembut it looks like it may have something to do with maybe later on with augmentedreality glasses something like that but we can expect something similar tothat in the future what it does exactly we’ll have to waitand see now along with an activity app that we havehere it looks like you can expect a fitness app as well so not only willyou have your activity and your workouts but maybe a separateworkouts or fitness app where you can compete with friends orjoin in with friends remotely and do the same workouts regularly so itlooks like maybe we’ll have something like that whether it be trends orworkouts or whatever you’d like hopefully we’ll have a separate app forthat now one thing i’m looking forward to if this is trueis the ability to change the default app so for example maybe you’re in twitterand you want to open a web link but you want it to open not in safari but maybe chrome or firefox or another browserhopefully we’ll have that ability the same is true with mail so maybe we wantto open email send and send an email to someoneinstead of having to actually tap the link copy things and then go into ourcurrent email app we would be able to go into our settingshere and and configure which application is default such as safari or mail maybe even music we could changestock music to spotify something like that we’ve been able to do that foryears on mac so there’s no reason

we can’t do that on an iphone sohopefully we’ll see that on iphone and ipad as wellnow aside from third party defaults there was something really exciting withwallpaper now i know a lot of you love the wallpapers that i put in every videoand i always link them in the descriptionand this particular update should have or ios 14 should have a revampedwallpaper section so if you go into wallpaper you go tochoose new wallpaper instead of having what we see here wewould have a way to organize them into categories so instead of juststills we could have maybe gradients or maybe livelive motion or maybe ones that even switch over timethere’s been some leaks about what this could look like butthat doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the final version but it looks like we’ll beable to categorize our wallpaper and sort them that would be reallyhelpful for not only people that use ios 14 but myself as well when i share themwith you now one of the newer bits of information about ios 14 is that safarimay have a built-in translator so maybe you go to apple’s website ormaybe you’re on a different website and you only read englishbut it’s in spanish or japanese you’d be able to actually translate it withinthe application itself instead of having to use say google translateso maybe you go up here tap on the the menu button hereand maybe hit a button that says translate and then we’d be able to seeexactly what all of this says if it’s not in the language we natively speakso hopefully we’ll see something like that that would be a great featuregoogle translate does a great job but if it’s built into safari i’d welcome

that now a feature i use all the time is find mythis app is very helpful if you have family members that maybe you want toknow where they are or how close they are to you and itlooks like it’s going to get a new featurewhere it will allow you to actually let you know if they don’t arrive somewhereso maybe you have a child going off to collegeit should take them a couple hours to get there and if they’re not there in acouple hours it would let you know and it would alert you and you couldcheck in on them so you could not only see where they’re at but it would letyou know that hey they didn’t hit this waypoint or this specific spotat this time of course this would all have to beallowed and i have my family members on here and i use it all the time but thatwould be an additional feature that would be great now within find myit looks like we’re going to get some new air tags so that will be really nicewe’ll have the ability to maybe have an air tagthat’s something we could place in a backpack or something that we want tokeep track of we’d be able to track it within the findmy app as well so that would be really niceand not only your apple watch ipad and mac for example or iphoneyou’ll be able to track whatever you’d want so you could maybe put itin a backpack that has a macbook or something valuable in it and be able totrack it if you lost it or maybe someone took it you’d still beable to track it now something i think that would be really valuable thatsupposedly is coming to ios 14 is the ability to restore the iphonewithout using a mac so currently you can restore it but ifyou have an issue on the way maybe it doesn’t work rightit goes into recovery mode you have to plug it into a mac and thenrestore it or a windows computer with itunesthere may be a new way to where you can actually plug your iphoneinto your ipad or maybe someone else’s iphone to help you restore it soinstead of having to have a mac around or a computeryou’ll be able to restore between devices or just have aninternet recovery like mac does as well so i would really welcome that it makesa lot of sense and hopefully we see that with ios 14.

now with ios 14 keychain should get an update where ithas more advanced features now currently if you use a password manager it couldbe one password it could be lastpass or any of the others out there it shouldget more advanced features like those but built into ios itself so you’ll haveunder your settings you’ve got passwords and accounts and if you put yourpasswords in here you can have a different password for every account youhave to help keep it secure and that’s something i’ve been doing foryears so with that we may get additional featuresso what those are specifically i’m not sure yet buti look forward to maybe having it replace a password managerbut i do like to have passwords in different placesjust because i don’t necessarily want everything with apple or everything withgoogle for example now with ios 14 it looks like home kitshould be getting a significant update as well not necessarily a redesignbut more features that would allow you to customize things like your homeso for example where your phone could go to dark mode based on the time of dayor it does night shift for example you could set your lights in your house todo the same thing through home kit so as the sun goes down or comes up inthe morning you’d be able to turn your lights on andoff and have them sort of fade in betweenif that’s a possibility so that would be really niceright now you can just kind of toggle things on and off and it works fine soif i toggle this on it takes a second and then your lightsmight turn on and it works fine but it’s not necessarily highly customizable

somore options would be great and maybe simplify it a bit as well now with ios14 there should be some great updates to accessibilityspecifically for the hearing impaired so that would be something that i wouldreally welcome for those that have hearing impairments what it will allowit to do is actually use the microphone in the phone and listen for things likesirens or maybe a fire alarm going off and if it does it will use hapticfeedback within the phone to alert you thatthere’s something going on and so if if you have that issue that’s another greataddition to accessibility and apple really keepsfocusing on this year to year and has been adding some great featuresnow there’s continuous mention of car key now i’ve talked about this with ios13.5 and up and it looks like the code isalready in there to support using your phone as your carkey so if you have an nfc based car key similar to maybe a tesla or in factbmw looks to be the first one to do this where you can use your phone to actuallyunlock your car not only through an app but be by being able to be near it ortap your phone to that car so that looks like somethingthat should be coming very soon we haven’t seen it with ios 13 soprobably with ios 14. now there’s a few more thingsone of them has to do with eclipse api which would allow some apps to beactivated even when not installed now google does have something similar tothis so for example maybe you’d use your phonescan a qr code and then it would open the app storeand show you a little card similar to what we get in heremaybe we’d have a card like this but the app would be active somewhat

so that wecould use it and then if we need to install it we canso it would sort of let you use parts of the app without actually fullyinstalling the app so it looks like this is going to becoming up and it will be helpful for those that don’t want to fully installan app but want to see parts of thatinformation that someone sends you for example maybe someone sends youa music link for spotify but you don’t have spotifyit could go into the app store grab that part of spotify play the music backwithout installing the app overall with ipad os we should get all of thefeatures i’ve already mentioned but we should also get some additionalfeatures with the apple pencil so if all the information is true all of thosefeatures will come to the ipad and ipad pro ipad air and minibut

we should get additional features if we’re using an apple pencil so if youhave a first or second generation pencil the idea is you’ll have more features tointeract more easily within safari and maybe other apps will have moreoptions for maybe circling something interacting with it in real time andthen maybe sending it off to someone else so you can scroll nowyou can sort of select things go into it but there’s supposed to bemore interactions throughout so hopefully we’ll see thatand it will be really interesting to see what apple has for thatand then finally there should be some updates for shortcuts within the ipadso that if you’re using a keyboard you can turn up things like the volumewithout having to have a little strip at the top of your keyboard to allow you todo that so with a mac you got you’ve got allthose different easy function keys but on ipad with a magic keyboard you don’tso you have to go to the top right turn the brightness up or down and that’s

nothorrible but it’d be nice to be able to do everything from the keyboardand it looks like they’re working on shortcuts for that and sothat’s everything we know so far i would expect a few things we don’t know ofcourse hopefully it’s better than we expect andhopefully it’s a lot more stable than ios 13.so i’m looking forward to that it’s only a couple weeks away andhopefully there’s some really exciting features with it but let me know yourthoughts about it in the comments below of course i’ll link this wallpaper inthe description as i always do and if you haven’t subscribed already pleasesubscribe and if you enjoyed the video please giveit a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron i’ll see you next time you

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