What You Need to Know about Photography Before You Buy a Camera



What You Need to Know about Photography Before You Buy a Camera 

The quality of images captured often tell a lot about the photographer and the camera used. Are you pursuing photography as a profession or as a hobby? The camera you choose will determine the quality of the photos you will take. It is, therefore, convenient for you to understand basic camera settings

Consider your budget against the quality of image you get from the camera

Cameras, especially those that produce high-quality images, are not cheap. Before you go shopping for a camera, it is essential for you to find out how much you are willing to pay, the type of cameras that fit your budget, and the quality of images you should expect from the camera. 


Instead of going for any camera, say below $1000, it would be best to narrow your search to cameras that cost anywhere between  $800 and $1000. 

This will save you time and help you focus on cameras with specific settings instead of a wide range of cameras that may end up confusing you, especially if this is your first camera. Remember the accessories you need when coming up with a budget and the best camera you can afford. You wouldn’t like to be stuck with a camera without lenses and a tripod if these are just as important as the camera. 

The camera’s sensor contributes significantly to the quality of the photo.

The sensors in cameras come in different sizes, resolution, and have varying sensitivity to light. If you want to buy a camera based on the quality of the photos you have seen, it is important to note that the sensor in the camera was critical in the quality of the images. Cameras that have big sensors that are sensitive to light, and have a high-resolution cost quite a bit, but the quality of images is excellent. 

The average camera has 16-20 megapixels. However, some have double this number of megapixels. Images from a camera with a high resolution have a finer grain. However, this does not mean the cameras with lower megapixel are not great. Some of these cameras are more sensitive to light and produce great images, especially those shot in the dark. 

What type of photographs will you be taking?

Professional photographers tend to have several lenses. This helps them take quality images from various points. For example, if you travel a lot and are likely to take wildlife photos, you need a lens that can zoom to the object whose image you are interested in getting. 


Some cameras will not provide you with the clarity you need, especially if you will be taking photographs of images that are far from you. If street photography is your expertise, you need 35mm or 55mm lenses to produce great pictures. The camera and lenses also need to be light so that you can move comfortably.

When you look at photographs, you are likely to spot some differences. This tells you that the camera, lens, and angle used were different, even when the images are of the same object. Photographs tend to tell a story without words, and you need the tools necessary to communicate this to the people who will see the photos. 


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