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Hi, I’m Shiva from here to unbox with youthe new OnePlus Nord. Now OnePlus has amazing reviewers kits. They always send them inthese fun complicated boxes. You may have seen my video about the OnePlus 8 Pro reviewers kit. Now I want to discoverthe OnePlus Nord with you. As you can see, I have not opened this, Idon’t know what’s in the box. Now, before you questionany of my OnePlus bonafides here’s the OnePlus 8 Pro whichI use as my daily driver. This is the phone that I’musing right now every day. It’s fast, it’s smooth.

It’s so nice, works well on T-Mobile, which is my carrier of personal choice. Here is the OnePlus 8 5G UW which I use to testVerizon on a regular basis. It is a smaller, it runs on Verizon’s 5G. That’s something I find very useful because 5G is a big deal in my world. And here is the OnePlus Nord. Now, on the side of the box it says, meet OnePlus Nord, a smartphone with the smoothexperience, powerful cameras, and exceptional qualityyou’d expect from us. Pretty much everything you could ask for. All within a couple of boxes or four actually within a bigger box. So, five boxes.

Okay, so five boxes. Let’s see. Let’s open this up here. Take the outer wrapping off. And, let’s get this off here. Okay, so inside theOnePlus Nord box, I see, OnePlus loves to give you caseswith their reviewers kits. So we’ve got here a OnePlusNord Sandstone Bumper Case. Now, check out that camera cutout. We have the blue color bumper case that they’ve liked to show off. They’ve had these withthe OnePlus 8 as well. Blue is definitely their color the year. We’ve got the clear case, that looks a lot like the case that ships with the OnePlus 8 Pro.

And then here’s the actualOnePlus Nord box itself. Now what we have here, I can see here is a 256 GB Unit. It’s funny, it saysAndroid on the back here, with easy access to theGoogle Apps you use the most. Now this is probably just something that they agreed with with Google, but it does seem like shadeon Huawei, doesn’t it? Okay, let me open up the plastic here, and let’s see what the phone looks like. Now, the Nord has leaked. So you’ve probably seenimages of it online. And this might not be the firstNord video you’re watching but I have never seen theNord in real life before. So, Nord, Nord, Nord onthe outside of the box. OnePlus Nord on the side here.

Open up the box. This way Nord. And let’s take it out of the wrapper. And oh! Here we have the OnePlus Nord. I’m gonna take this IMEIsticker off the back. Now look at that glass back. It has this real translucency to it. Here’s the camera module. Typical OnePlus lock switch. While it powers on, let’s see if there’sanything else in the box. Powering on. Back to the main box here. Yes, indeed, there is a, Warp Charge 30 Powers Adapter. And now you can see this isa European power adapter. This is important because I’d like to notethat the OnePlus Nord is not coming out in the US. While I will be reviewingit and checking it out, I’m checking it out becauseOnePlus is a interesting, important company.

And also because I’d likethis to come out in the US, but it’s not coming out in the US. And then here, of course, isyour red OnePlus power cable. Meanwhile, in thislittle black folder here, there is a personal welcome letter to the OnePlus Nord experience, with a picture of Carl And Pete. Then we’ve got a free case, for people who don’t get the media kit and so they aren’t gettingall the cases which I got. Finally, we’ve got yourOnePlus fun stickers. We’ve got your Quick-Start Guide, and the usual importantregulatory information. So it’s gonna be a fewdays before a full review, but I want to give you a basicidea of some of the specs on this OnePlus Nord.

So what we have here isa 6.4-inch, 2400 by 1080 OLED screen at 90 Hertz. It is very, very similar tothe screen on this OnePlus 8. And so you see here, these are very very similar screens. In general the Nord is aboutthe same size as the OnePlus 8. It’s a little bit thicker. It doesn’t come to as muchof a point on the side as you can see here. Now, the Nord you do nothave a headphone jack just like on other recent OnePlus phones. They want you to usetheir wireless headphones or you can use their USB-C Bullets. It is a dual sim phone. This is a dual SIM slot in here, but there is no Micro SD card slot. Also normal with OnePlus.

When I put in two sims, it said I could only get5G, if I had one sim in. But I can get 4G on two sims. So, that’s interesting. There’s 12 Gigs of RAM, 256Gigs of storage on this model. The cameras are really interesting. Now take this front-facingcamera for instance. I’ve got the front-facing camera up of course it’s looking at my camera, and now the main front-facing camera is a crazy 32-megapixels.

There’s also a serious ultrawide angle front-facing camera that’s eight-megapixels. And the main camera on it,the rear-facing camera, is a 48-megapixel unit. Jumps to 2X, by doing 12-megapixel images with the 48-megapixel sensor. There’s also an O.6X mode, sothat’s a wide-angle camera. And there’s OnePlussestwo-megapixel ultra macro camera, which ultimately I’m not a big fan of. I didn’t really love it, when I’ve seen it onothers OnePlus phones, but it’s on there. Okay, so how about performance? Well, this is OnePlus.

You won’t be surprised to find out that this is fast and smooth. But it is not a Snapdragon 865, like you find in the OnePlus 8 series. This is a Snapdragon 765 G. Now I’ve run a couple ofpreliminary benchmarks on it. And it works really well. Performance is kind ofbetween the OnePlus 60 series and the OnePlus 7 Pro series, in terms of overall performance. So, you’re not gonna be disappointed, but it isn’t that ultimate performance that you get with say the OnePlus 8 pro.

Now there’s a lot more tosay about the OnePlus Nord. There’s gonna be a lot of people saying a lot of things on the internet. I really look forwardto seeing what they say. I’m gonna be spending a fewdays studying this phone, paying a lot of attention to it. I wish it was coming to the US but isn’t important phone anyway. And hopefully somethinglike it will come here. Thanks a lot for watching this has been Sascha Segan from

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